Partnerships and Collaboration

Product Sponsorship 

We are delighted to send out sample for makeup artist, blogger,youtuber, and social media user all over the world who is interested to try out our product and wish to feature our product. Genuine reviews are important for us, as a young company. We are strive to provide the best product and to be better. Therefore, we do accept every opinion as well as constructive criticism as long as they are genuine!!

We are happy to send out sample upon requesting to do a collaboration with blogger, youtube or social media leader who is truly interested in our brand and product. You can suggest us how you want to do a collaboration with us and what you want us to provide you. We have limited number of samples for each month. Product sponsorship is reviewed on a case to case basis. You can send an email,, what you have in mind, we are looking to hear from you! 


We are looking for press opportunity. If you try and love our product, and would want to work with us. We also have an affiliate program. We will provide you with your own coupon code to keep track of the traffic from your account. But of course! we want to work with someone who gives us genuine review. We do not want a fake review!. Email us

For retailers

Wholesaling opportunity

If you share the same passion with us, we are also looking for retailers all across the world. Beauty industry is growing come and be part of us. Let us know what is your plan and why you like our product at

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Line : Jamiiej